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Biomedical Engineer - Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone


Scope of Work - Volunteer Opportunity Project HOPE

Volunteer Position: Biomedical Engineer
Country: Sierra Leone

I. Position Summary:

- Project HOPE is seeking Biomedical Engineer (BME) volunteer who could travel to Sierra Leone this fall (October) to help train the nursing and pediatric staff of a Special Care Baby Unit at a referral pediatric hospital.

- During their time they will focus on safe usage, maintenance, and repair of neonatal equipment in the unit.

- HOPE's goal is to establish the 60-bed unit as a Clinical Center of Training for neonatal nurses, pediatricians, and students to provide quality care for small and sick newborns.

II. Qualifications:

- Neonatal Team Member: Biomedical Engineer.

- A certified Biomedical Engineer familiar with NICU equipment manufactured by various international vendors who has experience in maintenance, repair, and training of local NICU and hospital maintenance staff.

- The BME will be part of a three member Team including a Neonatologist and Nurses Practitioner who will demonstrate safe and evidenced-based care for small and sick neonates.

- The assignment includes 10-14 days and is a volunteer position with all travel and accommodations paid by HOPE.



Detailed Information:

Eligibility Requirements:

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