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Nurse Educator - Long Term Volunteer - Wuhan, China - China


Volunteer Position: Nurse Educator, Master's Level (or higher)

Location: Wuhan University School of Nursing, Wuhan, People's Republic of China


I. Position Summary

- Project HOPE is recruiting a qualified master's level (or higher) nurse educator to teach undergraduate nursing students in the International BSN program at Wuhan University School of Nursing.

- The goal for volunteers is to improve teaching and research capacities of Wuhan University School of Nursing, including integration of evidence-based research, and to strengthen the International Nursing Program in area of Gynecology and Obstetrics, pediatrics, medical-surgical, mental health, and community health nursing as well as nursing management.

- The focus is on introducing new teaching methodologies to include laboratory simulation experiences, interactive teaching within a concept-based curriculum, and to enhance clinical practicum teaching strategies in community-based care of the elderly, rehabilitation, and chronic disease management.

II. Responsibilities

- Assisting the nursing school in program evaluation to meet international accreditation standards, identify areas for improvement, and assist with the development plan. Assisting in establishing relationships with universities abroad. Emphasis is on educating and mentoring nursing faculty in research, simulation, and teaching pedagogy.

- Classroom instruction of students in the International Nursing Program using new methodologies to promote active student engagement and understanding of a concept-based curriculum. The volunteer will facilitate research within the nursing school by developing research seminars, assisting with research proposal writing, and reviewing faculty and graduate students' proposals and theses.

- Assisting faculty members and graduate students with information sharing and international publications, conducting workshops for nursing in clinical settings such as critical care, maternity, mental health, pediatrics, and nursing management; leading workshops for community health personnel on chronic disease management, elder care, rehabilitation, and case management.

III. Qualifications

- Minimum of a master's degree in nursing or a related field

- Project HOPE is looking for candidates with experience in: gynecology and obstetrics nursing, medical surgical nursing, pediatrics nursing, nursing management, community health nursing, mental health nursing, or critical care

- English language fluency

- Copy of active nursing license, certifications

- Current passport

- Background check completed prior to the assignment



Detailed Information:

Accommodation and Volunteer Information:

Volunteer Term Requirements

There are two types of volunteers being recruited:

1). Long Term Employment in person. 1-6 semesters at the university; each semester is about 5 months. (Spring semester mid-February through mid-July; fall semester mid-August through mid-January)

2). Long-term employment remote work(Spring semester mid-February through mid-July; Fall semester mid-August through mid-January) This volunteer would support the program remotely and be compensated for undertaking classroom instruction of students in the International Nursing Program with pay according to class hours (200RMB/h). Please not time difference of 12 hours between Wuhan, China and Eastern Standard Time.

Additional Information

- Wuhan University School of Nursing was co-established by Project HOPE and Wuhan University in 2002. In the past twenty years, HOPE has assisted the School of Nursing in curriculum reform of the baccalaureate nursing program and the establishment of master''s and PhD programs in nursing.

- School of Nursing has become one of the leading nursing schools in China. In September 2011, Wuhan University approved the proposal for the nursing school to initiate an International BSN Nursing Program.

- The long-term goal of the school is to become the best nursing school in China while meeting international nursing education standards. In order to achieve this goal, the nursing school needs to further develop its capacity, improve the quality of nursing education nursing education and strengthen international exchanges.

- To that end, Project HOPE will mobilize US volunteer nurses to help in development and advancement of the Nursing School at the undergraduate level.

Project HOPE Will Provide

- One free economy-class roundtrip direct flight ticket will be funded by Wuhan University. Applicant is required to submit the airfare invoice/receipt(s), and boarding pass for this flight by the end of the first month following arrival. Reimbursement will be paid in the second month following arrival.

- The other option would be the ticket purchased by Wuhan University, only direct flight from the home city to Wuhan could be arranged.

- Accommodations in an apartment near the school arranged by Wuhan University. This includes a private bedroom, living room, small bathroom with shower, kitchen, washing machine, refrigerator, A/C and heat, and WiFi access.

- Monthly stipend of 5000 RMB (approx. US$ 735) to cover food, local transportation, and incidentals. This stipend is equivalent to the monthly salary of a nurse educator at Wuhan University and is paid by Wuhan University.

- Office space at the school, computer, WiFi access, and printer.

- Airport transfers upon arrival and departure.

- HOPE T-shirt and reusable nametag.

- Medical evacuation insurance.

- Accident Incidence insurance purchased by Wuhan University in the first week upon arrival.

Eligibility Requirements:

Site Name:
Wuhan University School of Nursing

Skills Preferred:
- Demonstrate a passion for education and motivating students. Willing to share educational experiences to support improvement and enhancement of the program.

- Experience in classroom teaching, education methodologies, and familiarity with nursing education textbooks and teaching resources.

- An interest in and desire to learn about the Chinese culture.

- Prior international exchange experience is a priority consideration.

Physical Requirements:
- Ability to lift up to 30 pounds

- Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time

- Copy of a physical examination by a provider of the applicant''s choice is needed to apply for a work visa. This must include some type of "official" stamp from the provider on the exam form.

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