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Emergency Response Roster - Project HOPE HQ


One of Project HOPE's five priorities is Disasters and Health Crises. Project HOPE is committed to responding to disasters with a high humanitarian impact and being one of the first organizations on the ground to assess and address urgent health needs.

If you are a person that is positive, flexible, compassionate and able to thrive in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment, we invite you to apply to this opportunity to be considered as a member of our Emergency Response Roster. Please remember to fill in any language skills you may have, as this is often a determining factor for emergency response deployments.

Members of our Emergency Response Roster will receive an e-mail requesting members' availability for deployment whenever Project HOPE is responding or prepositioning to respond to a disaster.



Detailed Information:

Accommodation and Volunteer Information:

Cost of flights, accommodations, and meals are covered by Project HOPE.

Typically a minimum of 1-2 weeks

Eligibility Requirements:

Skills Required:

Volunteers are required to be:
- Positive
- Flexible
- Compassionate
- A team player providing moral support to team members
- Able to thrive in an ever-changing environment
- Willing to do tasks that are outside of their scope with a "no task is below me" attitude
- Able to thrive in an extremely stressful environment
- Willing to reside in austere living conditions

Skills Preferred:
Our team of volunteers generally include:
- Physicians
- Nurse Practitioners
- Physician Assistants
- Nurses
- Midwives
- Pharmacists
- Mental Health Professionals
- Public Health professionals/educators
- Reproductive health specialists
- WASH specialists
- WASH engineers
- Logisticians
- Supply chain/warehouse professionals
- Photojournalists

IMPORTANT: If you are multilingual, please indicate your language skills on your application as preference will be given to those who speak the local language of the country or region affected.

Physical Requirements:
During the normal performance of duties, the individual may be required to perform the following physical activities:

- Perform duties for extended periods of time
- Work with local populations in potentially austere environmental conditions. Work conditions may require:
~ Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
~ Ability to lift at least 35 pounds
~ Ability to walk over all types of terrain without support
~ Ability to climb stairs
~ Ability to work in excessive heat, humidity and inclement weather conditions
~ Ability to work in fast-paced, demanding, stressful, emotionally challenging environment
~ Ability to live and work in challenging social settings, i.e. isolated or with minimal privacy and quiet
~ Ability to travel without suffering chronic, debilitating motion, sea or air sickness