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Ophthalmologist - Macedonia


Project HOPE will partner to engage volunteer ophthalmologists to serve their Macedonian colleagues through partnership, mentoring, teaching, and long-term commitment, in hopes of making a lasting impact and support advances in the area of ophthalmology in Macedonia. This project is expected to improve theoretical and practical skills regarding the medical procedures which are not sufficiently performed in Macedonia. Additionally, the program intends to improve the protocols and procedures guiding patient management and care. Local doctors will apply their knowledge and experience and share best practices with their colleagues. 



Detailed Information:

Accommodation and Volunteer Information:

Volunteers are provided with an apartment for lodging during their stay. The cost for meals and incidentals amount to approximately $20 USD/day.

Complimentary office space with Internet and a printer will be made available.

Travel Information
- Volunteer is responsible to arrange and pay for roundtrip flight.
- Complimentary airport transportation will be made available at the beginning and end of the stay.
- Volunteers should obtain temporary traveler's health insurance for the duration of the trip.
- Visit CIA World Factbook and CDC Travelers' Health to learn more about traveling to Macedonia.

Provided by Project HOPE
- Standard Project HOPE t-shirt, hat, and reusable nametag
- Medical evacuation insurance

Minimum of 2 weeks

Additional Information:

Providing quality and accessible health care is a high priority to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. In October of 2011, the Ministry of Health created a program to provide professional education and training of health workers from public health institutions in foreign university hospitals. The purpose of the project is to increase the quality of healthcare services by investing in educated and trained medical staff.

Eye surgery interventions for the population from Republic of Macedonia are provided in several health institutions: University clinic for ophthalmology in Skopje, Regional Clinical Center Tetovo, Regional Clinical Hospital Stip, Regional Clinical Hospital Bitola, General Hospital Skopje. Recently these hospitals and clinics were faced with the outflow of skilled staff in private practice and private hospitals, which influenced the level and quality of provision of services. The Government of RM has invested in purchasing new equipment for eye surgery, but the personnel have not been trained to use the new sophisticated equipment and to apply new methods to the treatment of patients.

This project is intended to strengthen the capacities of the specialist in ophthalmology for performing new methods of eye surgery: Fako cataract surgery, vitrectomy, ceroplastic, laser photocoagulation, eye ultrasound, A and B scan, computer perimetry, echo sonography, Argon laser and jag laser, indirect ophthalmology, endocrinological ophthalmology etc. Training will be provided by expert specialists in ophthalmology engaged by Project HOPE. They will deliver training to specialists in ophthalmology from the University Clinic for Ophthalmology in Skopje, Clinical Center Tetovo, Clinical Hospital Stip, Clinical Hospital Bitola and General Hospital, Skopje.

Eligibility Requirements:

Site Name:
Skopje, Macedonia

Skills Required:

- Minimum of two years of experience in specialty
- Certified ophthalmologist

Licensing / Credentials Required:

Copy of valid licenses and certifications
Valid passport
Background check

Physical Requirements:
Ability to lift 30 pounds
Ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time

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