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Hurricane Harvey Emergency Response Efforts - Texas


UPDATE: We have an urgent call for the following to serve in Houston, Texas:
-Medical Assistants
-Oral Surgeon
-Internal Medicine & Primary/Family Care for Chronic Care
-GI Physician
-Gynecologist (no obstetricians)

Project HOPE is responding to Hurricane Harvey. Currently, HOPE has deployed an expert team to respond to health needs that are increasing by the hour in Texas as the state's flood-damaged health system tries to cope with the impact of massive flooding that has inundated vast residential areas. The HOPE team includes a physician with expertise in emergency response and two logistics experts to coordinate with authorities and partners on the ground to ensure that additional HOPE medical volunteers can be deployed where they are needed.

We are currently working in close coordination with two partners on the ground, and the needs list is expanding rapidly. **WE CURRENTLY HAVE AN URGENT CALL FOR:

Partner #1: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, RNs, Pharmacists.

Partner #2: Mental health providers - licensed professional counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists

NICU Nurses - multiple
Gynecology - 2
GI 1
Orthopedics - 1
Podiatry 1
Cardiology - 2
Infectious Disease 1
Endocrinology - 1
Pulmonology 1
Urology 1
X-ray tech 1
Ultrasound tech 1
Vascular ultrasound tech - 1
Certified diabetic educator - 1 or 2
Rheumatology 1
Pharmacist 3
Pharmacy tech 6
General dentist 2
Oral surgery 2
Endodontist 1
Hygienist 2
Ophthalmology 2
Optometry 3
Nephrology - 1

We are interested in fielding medical volunteers to support relief efforts at this time and have opened our general call for volunteers in a broad spectrum of expertise, including nursing, physicians, and specialists. As specific needs become apparent we will continually update this announcement. As our on-ground assessment team relays information, we will be mobilizing volunteers over the next several weeks.

Please understand the large-scale nature of this disaster and response, and know that our Global Volunteer Programs team is working diligently to contact and confirm multiple volunteer rotations. Both your patience, dedication, and willingness to serve are deeply appreciated!! We look forward to serving those in need together as "One HOPE"



Detailed Information:

Accommodation and Volunteer Information:
Flights and accommodations will be paid for by Project HOPE.

Additional Information:
Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force helicopters are scouring residential areas to rescue people who have been cut off by rising floodwaters which have destroyed over 30,000 homes. The Texas Department of State Health Services says that many hospitals around Houston and on the middle Texas coast are closed because of flooding. Surgeries have been cancelled, and outpatient services and pharmacies have been shut down in some areas. Nearly 1,000 people, including some elderly patients trapped in flooded nursing homes, have been moved from medical facilities on 140 emergency missions. The knock-on impacts to local and state health services from the flooding are expected to endure for months to come.

Eligibility Requirements:

Site Name:

Skills Required:
This post will be updated with specific specialties as the needs assessment is still being conducted. For now, we are looking for licensed physicians, physicians assistants, mental health professionals, and nurses.

Licensing / Credentials Required:
Correlating licensing as well as a completed Emergency Visiting Practitioner Temporary Permit for providers who are not currently licensed in Texas (Global Volunteer Programs staff can facilitate).

Physical Requirements:
Ability to lift 30 pounds and work in a disaster environment.

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