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Grade 9-12- Homeless Awareness Project

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About the project:

The Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) aims to provide educators with holistic tools to teach all grade levels about homelessness and empathy. To meet this need, the DI partnered with the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) to provides resources for Grades 9-12. Book programming directly through the Calgary Homeless Foundation; they will provide in-class support and then refer you back to Creating Kindness YYC to register for a hands-on experience, such as a tour or action project with the DI.

About the Calgary Homeless Awareness Project:

The Calgary Homeless Awareness Project (CHA) aims to educate youth on issues of homelessness, poverty and disparity. Through education, the CHA hopes to combat stigma and change attitudes surrounding homelessness in the community. For students, it is an opportunity for early exposure to social issues to develop critical thinking, citizenship and empathy. In partnership with the Calgary Board of Education, CHF has created multiple education module pilots for junior and senior high schools across Calgary. CHA hopes that by investing in the future population, a more socially conscious population can be fostered to create sustainable change.

The Calgary Drop-in Centre is very proud to partner with the Homeless Awareness project, and the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

Contact Person: Engagement Coordinator

Contact Phone: (403) 699-8272

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