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Create Notes of Encouragement - Offsite Projects

Make it a special day with Notes of Encouragement! We all love cards and special greetings. But our clients usually do not receive mail that is positive and uplifting. Your notes will be placed in client mailboxes or on bunk beds to bless, uplift and raise the self-esteem of those who are homeless.

You can use any type of card you prefer. Plain cardstock cut into fourths works great. Organizations are welcome to use cards that contain the organization's logo. You can simply pen a note or decorate the cards with markers, colored pencils and/or stickers. In other words, volunteers can unleash their compassion and creativity!

Notes can be all occasion or seasonal, but should not contain any personal information, such as names or phone numbers. When it's time for delivery, we can usually arrange a tour with enough advance notice. Or, notes can be mailed to Volunteer Services, Star of Hope - 4848 Loop Central Dr. Suite 500, Houston, TX 77081.

Location: Offsite Projects

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Host a Donation Drive - Offsite Projects

Would you like to engage other community members in Star of Hope's mission while helping the homeless? Hosting a donation drive is a wonderful way to create community awareness and participation in our mission while meeting the very real needs of those less fortunate. The best part about this opportunity is that it is done at your convenience and your location.

The most successful donation drives focus on only one or two items. To view our urgent needs list as well as our accepted donations, please visit our Star of Hope website.

Location: Offsite Projects

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Host Donation Drive for Back-to-School Supplies - Offsite Projects

At Star of Hope, we have students ranging from pre-school to seniors in high school & would love it if you would consider donating school supplies to help them get ready to go back to school! Each year, we provide backpacks for 250 to 300 children. In addition to normal school supplies, we find our greatest needs each year are items for our youngest students & oldest high school students.

Back-to-School Needs List:

Fabric & Mesh-Backpacks
Blue, Black, & Red Ink Pens
Multicolored Highlighters
Combination Locks
College-Ruled Composition Books
2" & 3" Binders
College-Ruled Notebook-Paper & Spiral-Notebooks

Simply label your donation "School Supplies" & drop-off (or mail) by Friday, August 9, 2019 to the following: Attention: Children Services Department - Women & Family Development Center at Star of Hope's Cornerstone Community - 2575 Reed Rd., Houston, TX 77051.

*There are signs with arrows for donation drop-offs. - This donation center is open Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm & Saturday: 8am - 12pm - {832-369-3315}

Note: Donation-drives are usually most successful when the focus is on one or two different items rather than the entire list.

Location: Offsite Projects

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Host Snacks & Goodnight (WFDC) - Cornerstone Community

Make a difference in the lives of Houston's homeless single women & families at the Women & Family Development Center at Star of Hope's Cornerstone Community!

Who doesn't love an evening snack? It can be a long time between dinner & breakfast when you can't raid the fridge for a snack. Volunteers have a wonderful time visiting with clients as they provide & serve an evening snack.

Volunteers arrive between 7:15 PM - 7:30 PM to sign-in, walk to the dining room and set-up. Clients are invited to come by for a snack beginning at 7:45 PM. Snack time is over at 8:15 PM. Volunteers help sweep-up & sign-out by 8:30 PM.

Volunteers will serve both the families and single women who reside at the Women & Family Development Center. Please provide snacks for up to 260 residents.

Please adhere to the following menu:

Mondays - Chex-Mix, popcorn, pretzels or Goldfish
Tuesdays - Peanut butter & jelly sandwich quarters
Wednesdays - Cookies
Thursdays - Fruit/veggie trays, granola bars
Fridays - Cookies
Saturdays - pudding cups, Jell-O cups, fruit cups
Sundays - Rice Crispy treats, granola bars

This opportunity is only available for groups & requires a designated group leader. Once the group leader signs-up for a certain date, he/she will receive a separate email that contains a private link for group members to register.

The maximum number of volunteers for this project is ten (10).

Location: Cornerstone Community

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Make Blankets - Offsite Projects

Many of the children at Star of Hope have experienced more tragedy in their young lives than most of us can imagine. They arrive at our shelter anxious & afraid of what another day holds. Your blankets provide comfort & security as our children snuggle up in the soft, warm fabric giving hope that tomorrow will indeed be a better day! Blankets can be machine-stitched, fleece no-sew, knitted or crocheted. Both child-size blankets & full-size, adult blankets are needed & greatly appreciated.

When it's time for delivery, we can usually arrange a tour. Or you can simply label your donation "Blankets" & drop them off at (or mail to) Star of Hope's Donation & Distribution Center, 2320 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77003.

Location: Offsite Projects

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Make Hygiene Kits for Van Outreach Ministry (Offsite) - Offsite Projects

Star of Hope distributes more than 1,000 hygiene kits per month through our Love-in-Action Van Ministry. Volunteers are needed to provide hygiene kits, which meet the most basic needs of those living out on the streets. There is no minimum or maximum number of hygiene kits we will accept - we are grateful for each kit and the volunteer who made it!

Please place the following items inside of a 1-Gallon Ziplock Bag:
1 Pair of White Socks, Face Towel, Razor, Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Travel Size Shampoo/Conditioner, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Crackers, Granola Bar &/or Raisins, 1 Pudding Cup, Lunch-to-Go Tuna Kit or 1 Can of Vienna Sausage, 1 Fruit Cup, & a Note of Encouragement with a Bible Verse.

Location: Offsite Projects

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Make Sack Lunches - Offsite Projects

Sack lunches are an everyday need for clients who are out job searching, at social service appointments or just getting back to work. Most sack lunches consist of a sandwich (condiments on the side) and a few sides such as chips, snack bars, fruit, dessert. We also ask that you provide water bottles to be distributed with the lunch.

Location: Offsite Projects

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Make We-Care-Packages - Offsite Projects

Our clients need the same hygiene and toiletry items that we use when dressing each day. You might even want to include a scripture card or Note of Encouragement! Additionally, here a link to a short video and list of care package needs: http://www.sohmission.org/our-stories/we-care-packages/

Location: Offsite Projects

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