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Biomedical Engineer - Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone

Scope of Work - Volunteer Opportunity Project HOPE

Volunteer Position: Biomedical Engineer Neonatal Care Unit
Country: Sierra Leone

I. Position Summary:

- Project HOPE is seeking Biomedical Engineer (BME) volunteer who will work collaboratively as a member of the HOPE Neonatal Team and support their objectives as they provide mentorship to Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) staff, preceptors, and neonatal faculty on improving care of small and sick neonates.

- This function will provide specific support to the HOPE Neonatal Team as an integral part of the clinical training of SCBU staff, Preceptors, and neonatal faculty necessary for safe management of equipment and safe neonatal care.

- Assess the knowledge and skills of SCBU staff, preceptors, and clinical faculty to safely operate, utilize infection control measures, and identify the need for maintenance and repair of essential SCBU equipment.

- Provide training to SCBU staff, preceptors, and clinical faculty on

  • correct and safe operation of the equipment

  • troubleshooting problems at the bedside

  • maintenance, cleaning essential equipment to prevent cross infection.

  • documentation of errors and repairs to eliminate failures.

- Provide training to the hospital maintenance staff on repair and maintenance of SCBU equipment

II. Qualifications:

- Neonatal Team Member: Biomedical Engineer.

- A certified Biomedical Engineer familiar with NICU equipment manufactured by various international vendors who has experience in maintenance, repair, and training of local NICU and hospital maintenance staff.

- The BME will be part of a three member Team including a Neonatologist and Nurse Practitioners who will demonstrate safe and evidenced-based care for small and sick neonates.

- The assignment includes 10-14 days and is a volunteer position with all travel and accommodations paid by HOPE.

Location: Sierra Leone

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If you are a person that is positive, flexible, compassionate and able to thrive in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment, we invite you to apply to this opportunity to be considered as a member of our Emergency Response Roster. Please remember to fill in any language skills you may have, as this is often a determining factor for emergency response deployments.

Members of our Emergency Response Roster will receive an e-mail requesting members' availability for deployment whenever Project HOPE is responding or prepositioning to respond to a disaster.

Location: Project HOPE HQ

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