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Applied Behavior Analysis Professional - Macedonia

ABA professional who will work with children and adolescent with autism and educate the parents. Medical treatment program should be directed by a qualified medical professional, ABA programs for learners with autism should be designed and supervised by qualified professionals, which include either licensed clinical psychologists with training in applied behavior analysis or behavior analysts, who are board certified with supervised experience providing ABA treatment for autism or who can clearly document that they have equivalent training and experience.

Location: Macedonia

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Develop Diabetes Educational Programs - Puerto Rico

The diabetes program will include launch of a school-based nutritional gardens educational platform. This begins with development of a school-based curriculum for 3 different school-age groups and creation of a nutritional garden implementation guide. Once the materials are developed, the program will be implemented in area schools. Volunteer will work closely with HOPE's Diabetes Program Manager and local partners.

Location: Puerto Rico

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Emergency Response Roster - Project HOPE HQ

One of Project HOPE's five priorities is Disasters and Health Crises. Project HOPE is committed to responding to disasters with a high humanitarian impact and being one of the first organizations on the ground to assess and address urgent health needs.

If you are a person that is positive, flexible, compassionate and able to thrive in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment, we invite you to apply to this opportunity to be considered as a member of our Emergency Response Roster. Please remember to fill in any language skills you may have, as this is often a determining factor for emergency response deployments.

Members of our Emergency Response Roster will receive an e-mail requesting members' availability for deployment whenever Project HOPE is responding or prepositioning to respond to a disaster.

Location: Project HOPE HQ

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Expert in Maternal, Neonatal and/or Child Health - Dominican Republic

Project HOPE is seeking qualified, Spanish-speaking volunteers to support clinical and community health initiatives. The Monte Plata, Herrera, and Haina clinics in the Dominican Republic provide quality primary health care services to underserved populations, featuring the "5 Star Program," a Ministry of Health-approved and nationally recognized program developed as an innovative strategy to promote patient awareness and compliance during pregnancy and throughout the first five years of life. The HOPE program serves a population of nearly 500,000 (approximately 5% of the country) and focuses on essential health services. The 5 Star Program can be summarized as an inexpensive way to improve care quality that is easy to monitor; an excellent way to educate pregnant women, mothers and the community at-large on a vitally important subject; and an effective means to empower and motivate mothers to serve as role models for others. Volunteer opportunities may include supporting the "5 Stars" Maternal and Child Health program or other clinical services and community health programs offered via the two primary care clinics.

Once you are approved, specific goals and objectives will be developed to meet the needs of the clinic and communities while engaging the specific skills of the volunteer.

Location: Dominican Republic

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First Responder Trainer - Puerto Rico

There is interest in forming community-based emergency response teams, and the leadership in Ponce, Puerto Rico in particular would like to coordinate training for first responders: CPR, First Aid, emergency coordination, emergency preparedness workshops that they can deliver to communities.

The true first responders are community members directly affected by a disaster. This collaboration will serve to build the capacity of local responders to prevent, prepare for, and respond to disasters in coordination with government leadership in emergency management. The program will leverage innovative training methodologies including virtual and simulation-based scenarios to build knowledge and skills in local emergency preparedness and response. This will be piloted within the Ponce Municipality and can be scaled island-wide to develop a network of coordinated community response teams supporting existing response structure. Each designated community would identify 1-2 local emergency coordinators to receive training in skills such as community-based preparedness, risk assessment and mitigation, communications, and data collection and reporting. The local emergency coordinator would oversee a team of emergency responders within their own community, including designated health professionals who will receive training in targeted skills such as emergency obstetrics and first aid in austere environments. The Community-based response team will incorporate priority areas of expertise in multiple sectors, including not only healthcare, but also logistics, communications, mental health, continuity of operations and health infrastructure. Whether in the event of a small, localized disaster such as a flood or landslide or as part of an island-wide response, this team would serve as the critical first responders, able to identify and reduce risks in advance of an emergency event, gather and report information, provide immediate care to affected populations, safely manage and remove debris, and leverage additional emergency supports from existing coordination systems.

Location: Puerto Rico

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General Volunteer Database - Various Locations

Join our volunteer database!

If after browsing through our current opportunities, you do not see a match for your skillset, you can submit your application to the general database. This will allow us to search for candidates with specific expertise when new opportunities arise by doing a keyword search on your resume and searching for skills/specialty you've identified on your application.

As new volunteer opportunities are identified, we will publish them on our website, so feel free to check in regularly and be sure to keep your volunteer profile up-to-date and accurate! If your information changes, please log back in and update it accordingly.

Location: Various Locations

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High Priority: Neonatal Nurse - Sierra Leone

Project HOPE is looking for experienced neonatal nurse(s) preferably with experience of neonatal care in developing country settings to support its assistance especially to a Special Newborn Care Unit of Ola During Children's Hospital located in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Nurses with experience in training and mentorship are highly valued.

Location: Sierra Leone

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Infection Control Specialist - Kosovo

The level of infections statistically is the same when compared to that of other developing countries. In order to take precautions to minimize it, actions must be taken immediately. Especially now that two major construction projects are at its initiating phase.

Construction phase of the building of facilities for Intensive Medical Care

Construction of the Pediatric and Pediatric Surgery Hospital

Hence, the arrival of an expert is crucial, for the training of local staff for prevention of infections along with the team for intra-hospital infections in University Clinical Centre of Kosovo.

Location: Kosovo

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Information Technology Support - Project HOPE HQ

Project HOPE's IT Department is responsible for providing support and maintenance for all computer/laptops, printers/copiers, telephones, conference calling services, mobile devices, etc. This position would work directly with the Director of IT Technical Operations to assist in supporting the help desk.

Key Tasks
Help Desk Support
- Answer calls and tickets
- Printer/copier support
- Deliver paper/toner
- Application support (Windows 10, Office 2016)
- Computer maintenance

Administrative Support
- Filing
- Research on IT services/equipment

Other special projects supporting the team may also be assigned.

Location: Project HOPE HQ

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Medical Doctor/Nurse with Expertise in Diabetes - Puerto Rico

Support community-based diabetes screening/health outreach events and also provide expert level training of local medical providers (specialist to MD, MD to MD, or nurse to nurse) in diabetes management. Ideally we'd like to have someone willing and with the skills to be able to do both the high-level training and community outreach/screening activities, but they could also be two separate roles if needed. Volunteers will work in close coordination with HOPE's Diabetes Program Manager and local community partners.

Location: Puerto Rico

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