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VIMS Ichthyoplankton Sorter

Volunteers will work within the VIMS Nunnally Ichthyology Collection and will be trained to sort plankton collections for larval fishes and to identify larval fishes. Volunteers should have prior experience working under a microscope and should be comfortable entering data into Excel. In addition, volunteers will be working with ethanol and formalin. Meticulous record keeping, neat handwriting, and attention to detail is desired. Volunteers should be able to commit a minimum of one, two-hour block of time a week to work. Must be at least 16 years old.

For questions about this volunteer opportunity, please contact Sarah Huber at skhuber@vims.edu or 804-684-7104.

1375 Greate Rd
Gloucester VA, 23062


Sally Brooks

(804) 684-7010

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