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VIMS Benthic Ecology Research Laboratory Volunteer

The Benthic Ecology Lab researches oyster bed community dynamics for restoration efforts in Chesapeake Bay. Volunteers will help process specimen samples from oyster reef ecosystems and other benthic sediments.

Must be at least 16 years old.

Tasks will include sorting and identifying invertebrates under a microscope; experience with using microscopes is helpful but not necessary if willing to learn.

Samples will also be processed for dry weight so weighing samples on a balance will be required.

Training on how to identify general marine invertebrates from Chesapeake Bay will be provided.

Volunteers will be working with specimens stored in 70% ethanol.

Volunteers should be comfortable entering data into Excel (or willing to learn).

Great attention to detail and neat handwriting is desired.

At a minimum, volunteers should be able to commit to a 3 hour block of time per week to work. Scheduling is very flexible.

For questions about these volunteer opportunities, please contact Jennifer Dreyer at jcdrey@vims.edu or 804-684-7903.

1375 Greate Rd
Gloucester VA, 23062


Sally Brooks

(804) 684-7010

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